Lela Bryan - Quit Smoking ExpertHi I’m Lela Bryan. When I smoked, I would have smoked in the shower if I could have kept them lit!

I quit smoking in 1978 and I have been teaching smokers and chewers how to quit ever since.

When I was a smoker, I used to measure my time in terms of cigarettes.
No Minutes in my day … just cigarettes…
It took 3 cigarettes to do the laundry…
2 cigarettes to drive to work…
NO minutes in my day just cigarettes!

I taught High School for 7 years and in between each class on the breaks I would tear down to the women’s faculty restroom (you could still smoke on campus in those days) and puff down a couple of cigarettes, use some breath spray and run back to teach.

Then I worked as an education consultant and I would teach elementary school teachers how to teach nutrition. Half way through the workshop I would put on a film about how to eat a balanced diet and I would run out and have a cigarette.

After a while it became incongruent to smoke. I was starting to wheeze a little and I smelled bad.

I live in Alameda, California (near San Francisco, CA) on a floating home (like Sleepless in Seattle boat) the kind with no motor.

I teach teleconferences (over the telephone) to people all over the world and I absolutely LOVE to help people quit smoking and chewing. It gives me energy!