How Elaine Quit Smoking and Drinking

Elaine Quit Smoking and then applied those Techniques to Quit Drinking!

Elaine tried everything to quit smoking. She was a professional quitter. Elaine explains how she quit smoking when nothing else worked. She explains the step-by-step method was the reason that she was successful because it gave her the structure she needed. A few years after Elaine quit she used the tools that helped her quit smoking to quit drinking.

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How To Quit Smoking Without Feeling Deprived or Irritable

How To Quit Smoking without drugs or weight gain

Debbie explains how she quit smoking naturally without drugs and didn’t go through any withdrawal or feel side effects like anxiety or irritability. After she quit smoking, she felt more respect for herself and a higher self esteem. She even got rid of her heart palpitations.

Debbie Mulholland

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How to Quit Smoking with your Spouse

Tips to Quit Smoking With Your Spouse

When couples quit smoking they either do very well and support each other or they both fail miserably. Lyall and Sea (Cindy) Mullen give some advice on how to quit smoking as a couple and support each other.

Lyall and Sea (Cindy) Mullen
Quit Smoking January 14, 2011
Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

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I had tried everything to quit smoking and I was afraid of failing

How to Quit Smoking Naturally Without Cold turkey or Drugs

Patty had tried Zyban, the nicotine Patch and lozenges to quit smoking. She talks about what made quitting smoking  easy with no anxiety.

My family has just left after a great Christmas, and they were all very impressed that I am still smoke-free after 4 years! My Grandson was born July 7 and he is the best reason to help me stay off the smokes.

I just wanted to say Thank you. The Nicotine Solutions program has really has made a difference in my life. Also, Merry Christmas and have a great New Year.

Patty Wiseman
quit smoking 1 to 3 packs a day on May 30, 2007
Teslin Yukon Territory

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How to prevent relapse when stopping smoking

How To Quit Smoking Without Relapsing

When John quit smoking pipes and cigars he was worried that he would relapse because every method that he had tried had failed. He explains how he has quit smoking without relapsing since 2007.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         –John Kumpunen
Toronto Canada
Quit Smoking a Pipe and Cigars August 6, 2007

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How I Quit Smoking in College

Quitting Smoking in College can be Challenging

Kyle explains that he was fearful that if he quit smoking in college that it would interfere with his life. He explains that because he quit with an easy step down process that and life was so much better as a non-smoker. Now when he looks at smokers he is really happy that he quit.

–Kyle Lucovsky

Wrapping up my senior year at NYU
New York, NY USA
Quit smoking February 18, 2011

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