How the Course Works

Upon registration, you'll be sent the following course materials:

  • 62 page Spiral Bound Workbook
  • Personal Inventory Pages
  • Meeting Notes
  • Progress Chart
  • Talk Sheets
  • Pack Centered Assignment Sheets
  • Class Materials
  • Oral Gratification Kit
  • Awareness Tracking Devices
  • Achievement Markers
  • Tactile Stone
  • Transitional Devices

There are 8 group classes, that meet on a live teleconference for 8 consecutive weeks.


Prior to each class, listen to the 30 minute audio and complete assignments.

Classes are deliberately small to maximize success. Classes are interactive, lively and fun!

Phone and email access to an accountable, interactive online support group.

Overview of the Nicotine Solutions Process:

  • Detoxification which is gradual, natural and comfortable
  • Change Your Behaviors and Break Your Habits
  • Learn to be comfortable around other smokers
  • Learn What will actually motivate you to want to quit
  • Discover Your Personal Success Template for Quitting
  • Learn How to Deal With Emotions and Stress
  • Find Other Ways to Reward Yourself Other Than Smoking
  • Find Out How the Tobacco Industry Has been Influencing You
  • Get Long-Term Support from an Accountable, Positive Group
  • Train Others To Accept the New, Different You
  • Understand What Your Body is Going Through
  • Be Acknowledged for Your Achievement